Greetings everyone!


Our company Horus Tandem Paragliding (formerly ENGair Tandem Paragliding) has been providing paragliding services since 2006, all this time adhering to the principles: high quality of service and flight, honesty, responsibility and rationalism. This kind of compass has been helping us for a long time to stay on our path and meet the most grateful and loyal passengers on it.

If you want to paraglide like a true master of the air, circle over the mountains like a falcon, touch the clouds and feel complete freedom when the breeze touches your skin, then book a flight with us and you will be completely delighted!

According to mythology, Horus (Hor) was the Egyptian god of the sky and sun, symbolizing courage and victory. He was depicted as a falcon or a man with a falcon’s head. In some sources he was also called the son of truth. Like the “white knight,” he stood for justice and maintained proper harmony and order. The hieroglyphic sign is said to mean distant or “he who is on high.”

Falcon is an excellent glider and a dexterous aerial acrobat who easily adapts flight to his needs. Taking into account all the advantages of this proud bird, a new name was chosen.