We provide safe paragliding services, in tandem with an instructor, in Alanya.
To understand what paragliding is, let’s delve a little deeper into the section of physics, thermodynamics. Unlike skydiving, paragliding is a real wing flight using the energy of rising air currents: thermal and dynamic. In calm air, the paraglider plans, the pilot moves forward and downward at the same time. Under such conditions, the altitude and duration of your flight will not be very long. If you want a longer flight, the paraglider pilot must get into the updraft to gain altitude, which naturally increases the duration of your flight.

But not only thermodynamic conditions are important for high-quality flight. Equally important is the pilot’s love of flying and his skills. Because the most luxurious conditions for a high-quality flight can be neglected if the pilot does not want or cannot get into the updraft. Exactly the same as vice versa, under not the most favorable conditions (we are not talking about strong or side winds and rain), you can gain a little time for the flight if the pilot knows what needs to be done for this.

In Alanya, from 2024 you can only fly from an altitude of 630 meters. In clear weather, from this point the entire coastline from Cleopatra Beach to the Mahmutlar area is clearly visible. Due to weather conditions and flight path, the duration of your flight may vary. Our company provides flights lasting 5-10 minutes and 15-20 minutes.

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