Before booking your flight, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

How is the flight going?

First you are greeted and signed the flight declaration, then our guides instruct you on what to do during take-off and landing. Then, together with the pilots, you rise to the launch pad, according to your chosen flight time. They put on your flight equipment, the pilot gives you control instructions, a short run and you take off. During the flight you enjoy the feeling of freedom, you can search for your hotel or sing your favorite song. If desired, the pilot can give you a short acrobatic show and then land on the beach. We give away your photos and videos if you purchased them in advance, and that’s it.



I’ve never flown. Do I need any special knowledge?

Since you are paragliding in tandem with an instructor, you do not need any special skills or knowledge.
While completing the documents in the office, our guides provide you with instructions and consistently explain your actions during takeoff and landing. Just before the flight, the pilots give you commands for takeoff, as well as prompts for your actions during the flight and before landing.



It is safe?

Considering that paragliding is an ultralight aviation and extreme (high-risk) sport, injuries do occur. And as in any aviation, the most dangerous moments are takeoff and landing, in paragliding, injuries occur in the vast majority of cases not in the air, but on the ground.
In favorable weather conditions there are no problems in control, but the paraglider is very sensitive to any weather changes. And the point is not so much in the paragliders themselves, but in the thoughtless popularization and insufficient control of this sport, which is why a large number of newly minted pilots, without sufficient experience, begin to provide commercial flight services. And also, some company managements, in the desire to earn more money, allow flights under unfavorable weather conditions.
An unsuccessful flight is only a consequence of a lack of understanding of the seriousness of the event.
Also be wary of those who present paragliding as a fun entertainment event “for tough guys.” Any exit into the sky is a risk. We have the power to minimize it enough to say with confidence: it is safe.



What are the age restrictions for flying?

According to our flight declaration, anyone over 6 years old can take a tandem flight with an instructor.* For children, one parent is required to accompany them to the takeoff area.
*Weight restrictions. Health restrictions.



Are there any weight restrictions?

To fly a paraglider in tandem with an instructor, the minimum passenger weight must be at least 25 kilograms. The maximum permissible weight is 115 kilograms.
Weight restrictions are a condition for the safety of your flight, based on the lifting capacity of the paraglider wing.



Are there any health restrictions?

We recommend that you make a balanced decision about flying if you have diseases such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, heart failure, osteoporosis, as well as discomfort associated with the lumbar back, neck, and knees. If you have any of these medical conditions and decide to fly, you must inform the staff and pilot in advance and take the necessary medications before flying.
Pregnant women are not allowed on the flight.



I am a person with special needs, can I fly?

The staff and pilots of our company have experience working with visually impaired, hearing-impaired people, as well as people with certain limitations in independent movement.



Can I feel nauseous during a flight?

It all depends on your vestibular system. Our standard recommendations: do not drink alcohol the day before and before the flight, the last meal is 1.5-2 hours before the flight. If you always get seasick on airplanes, on boats, or when driving on mountain roads and still want to take a flight, take the necessary precautions before flying.



I saw that some passengers were being twisted in the air, I don’t want that.

Acrobatic elements are performed by our pilots at the request of the passenger and exclusively over the sea. If you don’t want to, the pilot will arrange a smooth flight for you.



How should I dress for a flight?

The most important point is to have closed sports shoes. Passengers wearing summer sandals, slippers and other similar footwear are not allowed to the flight.
For the most comfortable flight, you also need sports clothing, depending on the time of year: T-shirt, tank top, shorts, pants, jeans, windbreaker. In winter, if you wish, you can take gloves and a light hat. You can also take sunglasses.



What should I bring with me?

You don’t need any special items for the flight.
You can take your bag with you with the usual things you will need during the day. Our office is equipped with CCTV cameras, so before your flight, you can safely leave your belongings in our office.



How do we get to the start?

The ascent to the take off is carried out by our bus or a passenger car, depending on the number of passengers.



How long will the whole process take from starting at the office to landing?

Under normal weather conditions, stable winds and no queues at the launch pad, a flight of up to 10 minutes will take about 40 minutes. And approximately 1 hour for a flight lasting 15-20 minutes. Not counting the travel time from the hotel and back.



What is the best time to fly?

The best hours to fly:
During the summer months from 9:00 to 18:00
In autumn and spring from 10:00 to 16:00
In winter from 11:00 to 15:00



You fly in winter too, but what about the weather conditions?

Naturally, for your safety and the safety of our pilots, we do not fly in stormy, rainy weather, or during sudden changes in wind direction.
Although the management and pilots of some companies have an ego the size of Eurasia, that they fly in not very safe weather conditions… We do not strive to assert ourselves in such situations, and prefer to change the time or date of the flight, so as not to create additional risks for our passengers and pilots.
Depending on the time of year, flight restrictions due to weather conditions can vary from a few hours to several days.



If my flight is canceled due to weather conditions, can I get my money back?

If you have a reservation and the flight is initially canceled due to weather conditions, we will consider alternative options for the time or date of departure. If you are unable to change the time or date of your flight, we will refund you the full cost of the ticket.



I saw that everybody was flying with a stick. Can I bring myself my phone or camera?

For safety reasons, the administration and dispatchers prohibit the use of your own camera and, especially, a telephone during the flight. Using your own photo and video recording equipment jeopardizes flight safety, the safety of life and health of people on the ground, as well as the safety of your devices.
Since flight video recording is primarily carried out to capture flight phases with the highest risk of accident*, our pilots are equipped with individual GoPro 9 and higher action cameras, and with fall protection equipment.
At your request, you can purchase photos and videos after the flight, for an additional cost.
*In case of which, for further submission to the police and insurance company.



If I purchased photos and videos, how can I take them up?

Usually we copy your photos and videos directly from the SD card to your phone using a special adapter. You need about 3-4 GB of free memory per person. If you don’t have free space on your phone, you can take your own flash card. As a last resort, we upload your photos and videos to our Google drive and send you a link by email or WhatsApp. But in this case, you need to download your footage to any of your devices within 1 week.



I bought photos from you, but accidentally deleted them (lost access, etc.), can you sell me my photos again?

We store photos and videos of each passenger in the archive for exactly 1 year from the date of flight. If the retention period has not yet expired, you can safely request your photos and/or videos. If you paid for the shooting earlier, we give away the materials for free. If you decide to buy photos and/or videos some time after the flight, you can also contact us.



Do you only accept Euros, or can I pay in another currency?

The main payment currency is the euro. But you can also pay in dollars or Turkish lira according to rate.



Can I pay by card?

Yes, you can pay by card.



I’m from Russia, how can I pay?

If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, you can pay for your flight in cash in euros, dollars or Turkish lira. Or by transfer in rubles to a Tinkoff Bank card.



My friends want to go up to the launch pad with me, is this possible?

If there are free seats on the bus, for an additional cost of 5 euros for each person, your friends or relatives can accompany you to the launch site and, after your take-off, return back to the office with our driver.



My friends will be waiting for me on the beach near your office, and they want to film me flying. Can you tell them where I will be flying?

If the office is not very busy, our guides will only be able to tell your friends the location of our pilots, taking into account the design of the paraglider and the nature of the flight.



I bought a paragliding flight through a travel agency. What flight conditions will I have?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of travel agencies in the Antalya region, and we cannot say with certainty that the travel agency you choose cooperates with us. But if this is so, then for all travel agency passengers we only provide flights lasting up to 10 minutes. Overweight, photographs and videos, as well as other special service requests, are available for an additional fee.
Since we do not control the information that tour guides provide to you, in case of discrepancies, you can report such cases by writing to us by email.